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Feeling joyful improves your health, emotional wellbeing, social relationships, and lifespan. And being happier is easier than you think. Are you ready to take the next step?


Tony Zipple, ScD

Tony Zipple is a psychologist who consults, teaches, and coaches in areas related to personal happiness, resilience, and organizational health. Tony believes that we all deserve and can achieve authentic happiness. He uses the best research in positive psychology to help every client find higher levels of purpose, joy, and productivity than they thought possible.

Tony works with each client to find their personal path to feeling alive, vibrant, and hopeful. With his combination of coaching experience, deep clinical training, and expertise in positive psychology, he develops rapid, practical plans to help each person flourish. Tony also knows that “technique” is not enough. His training and expertise is enhanced by his warmth, humor, and genuine compassion. In addition to his private practice, he serves as an Executive in Residence at the University of Louisville School of Public Health and Information Sciences, a practice leader with the Rutgers University Mental Health Technology Transfer Center, and a psychology professor at Eastern Kentucky University.

Tony received his doctorate from Boston University and his MBA from the University of New Hampshire. He holds multiple certifications in positive psychology, happiness studies, coaching, and positive neuroplasticity. Tony has published more than 65 articles, monographs, and book chapters, delivered hundreds of professional workshops, and has trained and consulted with organizations across the US as well as in Pakistan and Singapore. He is the recipient of the Hall-Render Leadership in Healthcare Award.

Positive Psychology Coaching

The world is evolving at a speed unheard of a decade ago. Let’s admit it, life can be more stressful and often less fun than it used to be! Don’t you deserve to be happier? Going from just getting along to flourishing requires learning change on your part. I can help you to develop the insights, the plan, and the habits that will achieve measurable results – personally, for your team, and for your company. It’s what I do best, and my favorite part of being a coach.

Using the best current research and tools from positive psychology and change management, I can help you to develop greater emotional intelligence, cultivate resilience, sharpen your interpersonal skills, and improve your sense of purpose and wellbeing. My coaching will help you have greater joy and influence while managing the stresses of your job and life more effectively. In as few as six to 10 sessions, you can make measurable improvements and feel alive again instead of burdened. I am a certified Positive Neuroplasticity Training teacher and offer group and individual sessions. I have coaching certifications from the Wholebeing Institute as a Positive Psychology Coach and the International Coach Academy.

Talent Optimization Consulting

Every business problem is a people problem. As a business leader, you want to ensure that your company optimizes its talent, so that it can achieve its objectives and outperform the competition. As a certified Talent Optimization Consultant and Predictive Index Partner, I can help you use people data and analytics to find a path to success. With my consultation and support, you can define essential job requirements, identify ideal candidates for open positions, align teams to accomplish business goals, and effectively inspire employees to deliver great business results. I can look at your situation through fresh and very experienced eyes and provide your team with the capacity to implement change, communicate more effectively, and execute with precision.

I have helped companies and senior leaders across the US as well as in Singapore and Pakistan to and solve tough people problems. Whether you are implementing a new project or process, strengthening team performance, developing great leaders, or building a new strategy map, I can help you connect your business strategy to great business results.

Resilience & Happiness Training

The past year has been difficult. Every individual and team has faced challenges, stress, and even trauma. Remember when your life was filled with purpose and joy? It can be that way again. The solution is building resilience, the inner resources you need to “bounce back” from stress and adversity. Drawing on my decades of experience and training as a psychologist, I can teach you, your team, or your whole organization research proven strategies that improve emotional well being and build resilience. Training can be customized to meet your individual needs, time available, and resources. Whether you are personally wrestling with full-scale burnout, need help energizing your team, or just feeling like you deserve more happiness in your daily life, I can help. With training and support, you can build relationships that nurture you, foster wellness, and achieve a renewed sense of purpose and meaning with life. Beat stress and burnout and fill yourself with calm strength, confidence, and joy! I am a certified as a teacher for Positive Neuroplasticity Training.

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